Come join us and find your clan!

     Scottish clans (from Gaelic clan ”family”), give a sense of identity and shared descent to people in Scotland and to their relations throughout the world. There is a formal structure of Clan Chiefs recognized by the court of the Lord Lyon King of Arms, which acts as an authority concerning matters of heraldry and Coat of Arms.

     Each clan has its own tartan patterns, usually dating back to the 19th century, and members of the clan may wear kilts, plaids, sashes, ties, scarves, or other items of clothing made of the appropriate tartan as a badge of membership and as a uniform where appropriate. Clans generally identify with geographical areas originally controlled by the Chiefs, usually with an ancestral castle and clan gatherings form a regular part of the social scene.

The clans participate in a fun competition of sorts and winners are chosen based on several equalizers some being, friendliness, Tartan and Flag Representation, Signs, Brochures, Books for show, knowledge of their clan history to name a few.

Clans that are attending our Games

The Scottish Heritage Society would like to thank the following clans for attending the 2017, 23rd Sarasota Highland Games.

  • Clan Cameron
  • Clan Wallace
  • Clan Hay
  • Clan Maxwell
  • Clan Ross
  • Clan Bell
  • New World Celts Of Bradenton
  • Clan Donnachaidh
  • Clan MacTavish
  • St. Andrew Society
  • Clan Hope of Craighill
  • Clan MacDonald
  • Clan Kennedy
  • Clan Campbell
  • Clan MacNeil
  • Clan Pollock
  • House of Gordon
  • Clan Stewart
  • Society of Scottish Armigers
  • Clan Urquhart
  • Clan Irwin (Honored)
  • Clan Henderson

Our Clan winners for the 2017 Sarasota Highland Games are:

  1. Clan Cameron
  2. Clan Wallace
  3. Clan Henderson





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